Consumer-friendly packaging opening, campaign codes printed inside with our new laser technology!

Our laser technology enables to engrave straight lines or custom contours to the surface of the film to make the package easy-to-open .  The line is engraved to a certain depth for optimal tear properties and at the same time preserving all the film’s barrier properties. Our advanced laser process ensures consistent tear that maintains the integrity of the package. Easy- to-open features could be used on a variety of packaging such as press-to-close pouches, stand-up bags, peel and reseal and microwave applications.

Advantages of laser scoring for easy-open packaging:

  • Simple opening of the package without any tools (no knife or scissors are needed)
  • Controlled and precise tear along scored line
  • Barrier properties will be preserved, no restrictions of the shelf-life of the product
  • No additional installation of the packing line is needed

In addition to easy-open feature, we can also offer peel and reclose applications, while maintaining the integrity of its contents. This package type is widely used to preserve perishable food items such as chocolate, cookies, cheese, snack products  and others. A pressure sensitive adhesive will be used in combination with the laser technology to enable the package to be opened and closed again for a number of times. Specific pattern of laser area  will be developed according to Your needs and there is almost no limits for shapes or sizes. This option is great for trays, flow-packs and pouches.

The laser technology can be used for inside print of unique campaign codes. Laser scores the random numbers inside every package and You can build Your marketing campaign based on this unique coding.

Using laser technology to design package more consumer-friendly will definitely improve Your customer’s satisfaction. That’s the type of comfort consumer wants. 

Get in touch with Your contact person in Estiko-Plastar and together we’ll find the best way to make Your packaging more consumer-friendly!