Estiko-Plastar helps to zero the CO2 footprint of Rhumveld Baltic’s products

The growing popularity of sustainable solutions together with consumers’ heightened interests of such packages leads many companies from food industries to look for new and improved alternatives. As a provider of innovative packaging solutions, Estiko-Plastar can be your reliable partner in this field. In this article, we cover how Estiko-Plastar helps to zero the CO2 footprint of Rhumveld Baltic’s products through packaging.

Rhumveld Baltics offers different nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and cocoa products, considering the high quality of products and partnerships with companies owning the same principles. The brand “Kommi asemel” is aimed at the Estonian market while private label packaging is offered for export to both Scandinavian and Baltic customers.

To reduce the environmental footprint of its Estonian brand products, Rhumveld Baltic began searching for innovative packaging providers. In close cooperation with Estiko-Plastar, they managed to move to a more sustainable, bio-based “I’m green” alternative which helps to reduce the packaging footprint by 110%.

Bio-based films are made from renewable materials, such as sugar cane. During the growth, sugar cane captures CO2 from the atmosphere, thus making the packaging footprint negative. Despite its bio-based origin, the film has similar properties to fossil-based films, allowing adding a combination of different barrier properties and printing effects to make the packaging even more attractive. As Scandinavia and the whole world are steadily moving towards more environmentally friendly solutions, the demand for such packaging is also growing in the market.

For Rhumveld Baltic, the appearance, price, compatibility with machines and smooth cooperation with the packaging company are very important to be preserved with the introduction of new sustainable packaging. Evelin Pani, Rhumveld Baltic’s Export Client Manager, added: “We have reached a more sustainable solution that really works primarily thanks to good cooperation with Estiko-Plastar. They know our machines and possibilities well. What’s more, they always provide feedback and good ideas on what we can do better.” The company also encourages its export customers to implement alternative packaging solutions.

According to Pani, Estiko-Plastar’s newly introduced ISCC certified materials are also considered for future projects as the new sustainable alternatives. Today, Estiko-Plastar is the only converter in Baltics and one of the few in Scandinavia to have this certificate in the field of flexible packaging. “We are happy that Estiko-Plastar is committed to sustainability and is constantly working to offer its customers the best innovative solutions,” said Pani.

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Last summer, Estiko-Plastar held its first webinar on sustainable packaging solutions where industry experts presented the latest sustainable packaging innovations and the implementation of these alternatives into your products. In case you would like to re-watch the webinar, kindly send us an e-mail to We will provide you with the access shortly.