Estiko-Plastar's decisions in dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the vast spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to inform you about Estiko-Plastar AS’ decisions in dealing with the virus to ensure everyone’s well-being and good health.

Rules for all the visitors and employees working in Estiko-Plastar:

  • Before entering the building, it is mandatory for everyone to measure their temperature. Persons with temperature above 37 degrees will not be allowed into the factory.
  • To prevent the virus from spreading, Estiko-Plastar will not accept any guests.
  • If the employee has come from a risk area or been exposed to the coronavirus, the employee is obliged to stay home for two weeks and observe his/her health. If the nature of the work allows the employee to work from home, it is allowed at that time. In other cases, the employee is obliged to take his/her existing leave or take unpaid leave. 
  • The employees with possible symptoms of any illnesses cannot participate in the production process.
  • Every employee must clean his/her workplace and all the tools during the day and before leaving work.

Rules for all truck drivers, who come to Estiko-Plastar’s factory for loading or unloading:

  • Entering factory rooms (warehouses, production facilities) is prohibited.
  • Using a face mask is obligatory while handling over documents.

To maintain our employee’s good health and keep the production running, we have taken additional measures to reduce contacts between staff and different shifts. All the lunches we offer to our employees are packed and sorted by different departments. Also, it is mandatory for everyone to carry out the basic handwashing and disinfection process before handling over the documents and entering the building. Special places for disinfecting and handwashing have been created. We confirm that the materials and packages we produce do not spread the coronavirus. In addition, we note that we have alternative delivery sources for all basic materials and the supply chain is not interrupted by the coronavirus.

We confirm you we will do our best to keep our production process in the best possible level without being affected by the adverse side effects.

If there is any additional information you might require, please let us know at e-mail

Thank you for your kind understanding.