Estiko-Plastar is a flexible packaging manufacturer specializing in multilayer barrier films that meet the most demanding requirements of brand owners in the food & beverage, pet food, peat and textile industries. The question we're answering more often these days is how to make packaging more „Sustainable“ and „Green“.

The easiest way of being „Green“ is to reduce the usage of fossil fuel based materials. This is why we have started a cooperation with Braskem to use their Green PE™ polyethylene resins. These materials are produced from renewable resources, more specifically from sugarcane plant remains. Green PE™ is not biodegradable nor compostable, but it is fully recyclable and gives a significant reduction in CO2 footprint which we all strive for. To notify your customers about what they are buying, it is possible to use "I'm Green" logo printed on Your package.
If you would like to take a step further, we can supply You with a fully compostable solution called NatureFlex™. These films are as well produced from renewable resources, more specifically from wood pulp. There is a wide range of different modifications, including transparent, matte, white, metallized and a range of different barrier properties. Very nice extra is the twist effect which comes in handy with confectionery products. It is possible to acquire Vincotte certification logos for industrial and home composting to have a marketing edge. Read more  
Get in touch with your contact person at Estiko Plastar, and together we will find the best way to make your packaging GREEN!