Sustainable Future: Recyclable & Renewable Packaging Solutions to Your Products

We are proud to report that Estiko-Plastar has received the ISCC certificate, which allows us to supply variety of materials from entirely renewable resources. This is a major step towards circular economy and in line with the targets from European Waste Directives. This new certificate will also provide us a way to supply materials produced from chemically recycled plastic waste. Compared to current structures, there is no influence on the film quality and packaging line behaviour. This makes the solution completely stand out from others.

The principle itself works the same way as one buys green energy from electricity grid. There is one power grid from where the energy is taken. The end user defines how much green energy he wants to consume, and this is calculated backwards to the resources. For You, the mass principle means You can specify how much renewable resources should be used in Your packaging material. Then, the ISCC certification system accounts in weight how much renewable materials we have delivered and compares this with weight of purchased renewable material. This comparison is done throughout the procurement back to refineries, who are reporting how much renewable resources they have used. Thus, it is all balanced with a system that checks the input versus the output. The ISCC certificate is awarded by International Sustainability and Carbon Certification and the whole supply chain is audited once per year.

Estiko-Plastar is the only converter in Baltics and one of the few in Scandinavia to have this certificate in the field of flexible packaging. Today, we have this setup defined with global material suppliers such as Sabic, Total and Dow Chemicals. All the packing materials containing ISCC certified materials will have possibility for the logo to be printed on.