Peat & Fertilizers

Peat and fertilizers

As a leading manufacturer of packaging in Estonia, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions and value added products to the peat and fertilizer industries. We are also focusing more and more on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

We offer consultations to our customers to identify bottlenecks in functionality and possible cost optimization options.

Thanks to modern flexo printing machines, we can offer high-quality, up to eight color striking packaging solutions. Since 2005, we can also print up to eight colors on both sides of the large films and plastic bags. Our one- and three-layer extruders make it possible to produce LDPE films and bags suitable for different packing lines. We use a variety of materials and additives to achieve the desired level of welding, strength, color and transparency.

Thanks to the introduction of new technologies and materials, we have been able to increase the strength of our packaging, which allows our customers to use increasingly thinner film to package their product. In view of the ever-tightening legislation and increasing environmental awareness among peat producers, we will continue to work in the same direction in the coming years.

Sustainable solution

Our product range includes several types of films based on renewable raw material that can reduce the carbon footprint or even permit a complete compositing of the packaging - Green PE™ and Natureflex™. In terms of marketing, logos that reflect the eco-friendliness of the products can be printed on them after the certification process:

In addition, we have received the ISCC certificate, which allows us to supply variety of materials from entirely renewable resources. All the packing materials containing ISCC certified materials will also have possibility for the logo to be printed on.

Flowpack films (regular/peel)

Industrial and textile films

Collation shrink

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Meet our sales team

Marko Hein
Export Manager (Finland, Netherlands)
Piret Ivask
Sales Manager (Latvia, Lithuania, Russia)
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Sales Manager (Scandinavia)
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Sales Manager (Sweden, Denmark)