Our Approach

Actions taken by Estiko-Plastar to improve sustainability

Efforts to lower energy usage and minimize potential pollution:  
  • Estiko-Plastar uses heat exchangers in our ventilation system to save energy. This allows us to warm up incoming cold air with the outgoing warm air.
  • Estiko-Plastar uses all technical cooling water as it is circulating inside the system constantly.
  • Estiko-Plastar cools the technical water with free coolers in order to reduce GHG (Green House Gases) level. The required temperature to cool the water is 13 degrees. If the outside temperature is below 13 degrees, then outside air is used for cooling without additional energy usage.
  • Estiko-Plastar will replace all existing lights to LED technology.
  • Estiko-Plastar reduces production waste by 1% every year to save on raw material usage.
  • Estiko-Plastar burns all VOC gases (Vapourising Organic Components) in a regenerative thermal oxydizer (RTO) so as to reduce outdoor air pollution.
  • Estiko-Plastar distills and reuses all print solvent residue internally as opposed to sending it out with delivery. 
  • Solar panels are installed on the roof of the production building and thus Estiko-Plastar uses renewable energy in its production process. Solar energy accounted for 4% of total energy use in 2019, saving about 600 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Actions to reduce packaging waste:
  • Estiko-Plastar works to continuosly develop thinner packaging solutions to reduce the amount of packaging material used.
  • Estiko-Plastar works to continuosly develop barrier packaging with the goal to decrease food waste. Barrier packaging prolongs the shelf-life of food products.
  • Estiko-Plastar works to continuosly develop recyclable packaging solutions to reduce the enviromental impact.
  • Estiko-Plastar is using materials which are made from renewable sources.
  • Estiko-Plastar collects separately all packages (wooden, plastic, paper) used during production process and are mainly imported to Estonia. All packaging waste is sent to waste management companies and so that it can be reused.
  • Estiko-Plastar sorts separately all the waste it generates from the technical process in order to simplify re-usage.
  • Estiko-Plastar, on its own, re-uses over 95% of all PE waste. Residue will go to a waste management company where it is then recycled.