Product safety

The packaging manufactured by Estiko-Plastar complies with all requirements pursuant to food-related EU legislation and directives.

Based on the company's vision and mission as well as its strategic goals, we have established certain quality, safety and environmental guiding principles. Updating and continuous improvement of these principles are the responsibility of the top management while their implementation is the duty of all employees of the company.

The raw materials used in our production are genetically unmodified and safe for the end consumer. Our production uses materials allowed for contact with food; the manufactured packagings are approved as food contact materials and pose no risk for the consumer.

Migration tests are conducted on regular basis in order to ensure product safety. We always ensure a safe working environment and suitable working equipment for our employees. Estiko- Plastar AS does not exceed the allowed emission standards and reuses its production waste as much as possible, thus minimizing the environmental impact.