As a leading global supplier of packaging, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions and value added products for food, beverage, home & personal care and other industries. We are also focusing more and more on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to preserve the world around us and offer you a helping hand on your sustainability journey.


Food Packaging
Non-Food Packaging
Food Packaging


Bag-in-box solutions, films and ready-made pouches to replace glass, aluminum and PET with sustainable alternatives.

Fruits & Vegetables

Tailored packaging solutions to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and prolong their shelf-life.

Cheese & Dairy

Packaging for dairy products which takes into account their sensitive nature to offer only the best to your end-consumer.

Meat & Fish

Wide range of custom solutions with special barrier properties perfect for meat and fish products.

Dried Foods

Sophisticated packaging design to offer your spices and soups needed water vapour and gas barrier properties.

Confectionary & Snacks

Specially created packaging solutions for protecting your pre-portioned sweets and snacks.
Non-Food Packaging
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