Sustainability has always been a fundamental mission for Estiko. Therefore, we always proceed from the well-being of those around us in our activities to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain sustainable life conditions for future generations.


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From the launch of our sustainable packaging solutions to earning the ISCC certificate, we have always been committed to improving sustainability in all actions we do. All our packaging solutions made in-house are produced with 100% renewable energy. What is more – we have joined CEFLEX to make all flexible packaging in Europe fully recyclable by 2025.

We are committed to being the supplier of choice for our personalised approach, flexibility and high quality of packaging. Through our carbon clock, you can see the number of CO2 emissions saved through our selected alternatives and compare the results with just a few clicks.

Our Approach

We are continuously searching for ways to minimise our ecological footprint. On this journey, we have introduced a number of actions to gradually shift our operations and production with the aim of becoming more sustainable.


Estiko’s products are 100% produced with the help of green energy. Moreover, 10% of it originates from our roof solar park.

smaller carbon

Thanks to our selected sustainable alternatives we save more than 4,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

reduction & reuse

We collect and sort all waste generated to simplify reuse and preserve our resources more effectively.


Our systems are built on minimising the environmental impact to lower energy usage and potential pollution.


We offer various sustainable packaging options, ISCC certified materials and our own sustainability logos to reflect your efforts to your end customers.


We produce packages based on up to 100% renewable resources.

To learn more about our ESG and quality and environmental guiding principles, kindly contact our team.

Assurance for Clients

Products & Materials

We offer more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to almost all traditional packaging types and categories.

Our development processes follow the traditional three R’s of sustainability: reduce, reuse and recycle. We at Estiko have added another R to this formula – renew – to increase the use of renewable resources and drive a truly circular economy.

There are many different sustainable materials to choose from whether based on renewable raw materials or recycled materials. In addition, we can offer easily recyclable material solutions. Our aim is to offer you continuously high quality packaging solutions while using only as much material as needed.

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Thanks to our broad expertise and know-how, our customers can benefit from our variety of value added services. As a brand new service, we have now introduced sustainability audit which enables us to offer proposals for redesigning the current set of packaging materials used to be more sustainable.

The process takes one to three days depending on the complexity of previous material choices and products. By thorough discussions, we help to envision the process itself and the outcome to customers. The whole packaging process will also be observed in the following factory tour. This gives us the opportunity to see the films running and a deeper level of understanding to consider. All this information will be the input for further analysis of your needs and future opportunities.

We gladly offer our knowledge for increasing sustainability in our industry. Get in touch with us and let’s find more sustainable solutions to your packaging.


Our whole production process is focused on using the least amount of energy and raw material possible to improve our effectiveness and leave the smallest ecological footprint possible.


All Estiko’s packaging solutions are produced with the help of renewable energy.


We divert more than 95% of all waste generated in production processes to sorting and recycling.


We use smart technology to increase sustainability throughout the factory.


We are continuously developing new packaging solutions to help us fulfill the sustainability goals we set for ourselves.

recovery system

We distill and reuse all our print solvent residue internally as opposed to sending it out with delivery.

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