Snacks, Candies & Nuts

Chips, confectionery and nuts

As a leading manufacturer of packaging in Estonia, we offer the snacks and confectionery industry a wide range of packaging solutions and value added products. We are also focusing more and more on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

We offer consultations to our customers to identify bottlenecks in functionality and possible cost optimization options.

We consider it important to reduce the thickness of the packaging to minimize its weight and environmental impact. We can optimize the packaging material’s aroma and  gas barrier properties to increase the product’s shelf life, reduce the amount of spoiled product and ensure the best consumer experience. We enhance the film’s heat-seal properties to increase productivity and energy efficiency. With the help of printing effects and laser technology we are able to create a far more distinguishing appearance for the products than before.

Our product range includes a wide range of flowpack films and laminates, lidding film, stand-up-pouch film and vacuum bags. All of these can be produced in various thicknesses and the barrier properties can be changed according to need. The welding options include heat-sealed, peel and re-sealable. Some hot-sensitive products can utilize the new "cold-seal" technology. In many cases, consumer-friendliness can be enhanced by the unique opening methods made possible by laser engraving. In addition, the above-mentioned technology enables the inclusion of different campaign codes on the package. To create a more distinguishing appearance for the product, one can choose between different printing effects.  

Sustainable solution

Our product range includes two types of films based on renewable raw material (Green PE™ and Natureflex™) that can reduce the carbon footprint or even permit a complete composting of the packaging. As with regular packaging, we can also combine these sustainable packaging options with various barrier properties and printing effects. In terms of marketing, logos that reflect the eco-friendliness of the products can be printed on them after the certification process:

Flowpack film (regular/peel)

Reclosable film

Vacuum bags

Film for stand-up pouches

Lidding films (regular/peel)

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Export manager (Finland,Netherlands)
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