Standard products

Standard products

Estiko-Plastar offers a large number of standard products in its product range, with a stable stock that allows us to respond quickly to your needs.

The following products can be found in our standard range:
  • transparent, black and white polyethylene films in a wide variety of sizes
  • UV film, greenhouse film
  • Red and white, yellow caution tape
  • T-shirt bags, transparent packing bags and special size trash bags

We also offer buckets, grave vases, combs, rakes and lawn sweepers

The retail and wholesale of these products proceeds through our contractual resellers who can also provide further information about each product.

The standard products manufactured by Estiko Plastar AS are sold to retailers and wholesalers via the following contractual resellers:

In Tallinn:
Vesse 4, 11415 Tallinn
Phone: +372 632 2600, +372 507 7010
Fax: +372 632 7561

In Tartu:
Teguri 39, 51013 Tartu
Phone: +372 7 366 180, +372 5656 0810
Fax: +372 7 366 180

In Pärnu:
Rääma 26a, 80037 Pärnu
Phone: +372 443 5304, +372 552 0966
Fax: +372 443 5305

Standard products

Get in touch with your contact person at Estiko Plastar, and together we will find the best way to make your ideas a reality!

Meet our sales team!

Raili Rähmonen
Sales manager (Estonia)