March 30, 2021

Estiko Introduces Sustainable MDO PE

Estiko Introduces Sustainable MDO PE

We have achieved some new improvements regarding sustainability, introducing new MDO PE (Machine Direction Oriented Polyethylene) to our portfolio!

Orienting the PE film gives it better transparency, gloss, heat resistance, and stiffness. With our freshest innovation, we can now supply you with a completely recyclable top film, making your package stand out from others. Depending on your bottom film material (either PE or PP based) we have fully recyclable option available in both PE and PP. This way, you can meet recycling requirements of EU Packaging Directive and help to contribute to a better future.

Top film & Flow film MDO+PE

These novel top and flow film solutions enable us to switch traditional non-recyclable films to fully polyethylene-based structures, making them 100% recyclable in PE recycling streams. With this improvement, we can also remove PET materials from the structures. Orienting the PE film helps to maintain the functionality and visual properties which are must-haves for any packages. What’s more – both solutions are also available with ISCC certified renewable content.

Bottom film PE/EVOH/PE

This new bottom film solution helps us remove the controversial polyamide (non-recyclable when mixed with PE) from our thermoformable films. Thus, making it recyclable without any compromises on the barrier properties. Both barrier and forming depth can be precisely tailored to match your specific needs. This material is also available with ISCC certified renewable content.

Read more about our sustainable packaging solutions.

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