March 26, 2024
Packaging for Food

Hellus kefir drink in Estiko doybag nominated as Estonia’s best dairy product

Hellus kefir drink in Estiko doybag nominated as Estonia's best dairy product

New sustainable dairy packaging for kefir drinks has been recognised as the Estonia’s best dairy product of 2024 during the annual Estonian food competition organised by the Estonian Food Industry Association.

The awarded solution for Tere Hellus brand combines the benefits of kefir drinks with the convenience and recyclability of a 100% PP based packaging. Given the special requirements of kefir, the doybag was carefully crafted to meet consumers heightened sustainability expectations as well as being conveniently consumable on the go without any spillages or mess. Both spouts and caps of the packaging were selected to match the chosen material so the whole packaging could be recycled in a designated recycling stream.

Hellus kefir drink in sustainable doybag packaging made by Estiko nominated as the Estonia’s best dairy product of 2024

The jury valued the potential in the packaging of new kefir drinks which seamlessly integrates healthiness, sustainability, and user convenience. These emerging trends within the global food industry create excellent opportunities for export.

Learn more about the development of Hellus new kefir drinks in revolutionary doybag packaging.

About the competition

The annual Estonian food competition, organised by the Estonian Food Industry Association, recognises the locally produced goods in 12 different categories. This time, the best of each category was nominated for the 30th time.

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