September 23, 2020

Estiko Awarded with PRS Green Label

Estiko Awarded with PRS Green Label

Estiko-Plastar has once again took a step into more sustainable future – we are proud to be awarded with the PRS Green Label.

For more than 20 years, PRS has been organising the controlled re-use and shared use of pallets for the whole European polymer industry. This green label has been designed to recognise all the parties and companies who actively and continuously contribute to the circulation of pallets, thus extending the lifetime of a pallet and helping to create more sustainable solutions. What is more, PRS accepts all pallets regardless of their condition, which makes the circular system stand out even more.

Estiko-Plastar has been contributing to the PRS circular system for over 13 years. We collect all the pallets with special green marking and send them to the collection point where PRS checks their quality and sends them out again. “As a company, we are very pleased and happy to contribute to this recycling system and the creation of a more sustainable world,” said Meelis Jürgens, CEO of Estiko-Plastar.

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