May 26, 2021

Estiko Contributes to Greener Supply Chain

Estiko Contributes to Greener Supply Chain

Estiko has taken yet another step on its sustainability journey. Thanks to cooperation with CHEP, we are now proud to announce the adoption of their reusable pallets that will help to reduce our CO2 footprint and the use of raw materials.

CHEP’s goal is to help move companies their goods more efficiently, sustainably, and safely. As the company’s business model is based on circular economy, CHEP created a sustainable logistics business that shares and reuses its platforms under a model known as “pooling”. The pallets needed for transportation will be received on a rental basis.

As a packaging solutions provider, Estiko was drawn to CHEP for its efforts of contributing to circular economy and affording a way to cut costs without compromising on safety and quality of the goods transported. What is more – by using reusable pallets, we can maximise the life cycle of pallets and decrease the use of raw materials. “As a company, we are always looking for ways to grow our business in a responsible way. Therefore, we are really happy to join CHEP’s pallet pooling system and help to achieve their mission of providing smarter and more sustainable supply chains,” said Meelis Jürgens, CEO of Estiko-Plastar.

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