May 4, 2022
ISO 9001
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Estiko Acknowledged for Delivering Continuously High Quality

Estiko Acknowledged for Delivering Continuously High Quality

A trusted supplier for flexible packaging solutions, Estiko, has been recognized for maintaining its excellence of quality by successfully passing the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001 recertification audit without any non-conformances raised.

The ISO 9001 standard provides specific requirements for a quality management system focusing on the effectiveness of quality processes, customer satisfaction and continual improvement to meet customer as well as statutory and regulatory demands. With ISO 9001 standard, Estiko can demonstrate its commitment to consistency, customers, and continual improvement, all of which are tangible business benefits that play a crucial role in building resilience and sustainable business performance. This year, the focus of ISO 9001 recertification audit was on ensuring the performance of the supply chain.

“To become a trusted supplier of packaging materials and to maintain that relationship of trust, we must guarantee our customers the outstanding quality of our products and services. Passing the ISO 9001 audit with flying colours is a fantastic result that shares a strong message of our commitment to our clients and partners despite today’s difficult circumstances,” said Hassar Jurs, Purchasing and Quality Manager at Estiko. “Of course, this result could not have been possible without our excellent team’s work and dedication,” added Hassar.

According to the auditor, Estiko’s processes and activities are at a very good level. Furthermore, there are several ongoing R&D projects and investments that support the company’s strategic directions. “We are thrilled to receive such recognition and continue to strive for excellence,” commented Hassar.

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