October 23, 2023
Estiko Packaging Conference

Estiko Packaging Conference focused on the future of packaging

Estiko Packaging Conference focused on the future of packaging

On October 3rd, 2023, one of the leading Northern European innovative packaging suppliers Estiko-Plastar hosted the Estiko Packaging Conference 2023, bringing over 90 international key partners of the packaging supply chain and beyond to Hotel Lydia Conference Centre in Tartu. The all-day event focused on the direction packaging industry is moving in the light of future PPWR to be adopted by the European Commission and on how to increase sustainability in flexible packaging already today.

From sustainability perspective, Estiko Packaging Conference aimed to provide a valuable platform for fruitful discussions with real life case studies and update participants on the latest situation with PPWR. The conference covered a wide variety of topics, including presentations on sustainable material solutions, printing possibilities, and driving circularity through cooperation. The day also featured a keynote presentation from European Commission and a panel discussion on promoting the circular economy of flexible packaging, with contributors including Estonian Packaging Circulation Organisation, Ministry of Climate of Estonia and Estiko-Plastar. The conference session was followed by an overview of Estiko’s possibilities and an exclusive factory tour.

As Estiko Group and Estiko-Plastar are both celebrating their 105th jubilee this year, the event also provided an excellent opportunity to spend an unforgettable evening together filled with great food, music, and amazing company.

Toomas Meister, Sales Director at Estiko-Plastar commented that the event was highly anticipated and well received by clients. “As the requirements of the upcoming PPWR affect us all, it is our role in Estiko to support and advise our partners, helping them to navigate this transition to more sustainable business conveniently and in a timely fashion. Through such events, we can provide assurance to customers that we are pioneering the market with our innovative sustainable solutions and are ready to embark on the sustainability journey together with them,” added Meister.

Photos: Katrin Käis

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