November 30, 2020
Family-Friendly Employer

Estiko-Plastar is Gold-Level Family-Friendly Employer

Estiko-Plastar is Gold-Level Family-Friendly Employer

On November 25, Estiko-Plastar achieved gold level in the Ministry of Social Affairs’ Family-Friendly Employer programme. Estiko-Plastar was one of 34 Estonian employers who have completed a comprehensive program to make their work environment more employee- and family-friendly. The gold label was awarded to 14 employers via video link.

According to Ireen Saealle, HR Manager of Estiko Group, the company has continuously invested in improving the workplace over the course of two years to establish a strong family-friendly company culture. “When we first joined the programme in the middle of 2018, we had to write a comprehensive motivation letter and justify why Estiko-Plastar would be a great fit for the award. We also had to prepare a preliminary action plan of the measures,” recalled Saealle.

For Estiko-Plastar, joining the program was a great opportunity to show their commitment as a family-friendly employer and increase attractiveness of the company on the labour market. “This recognition is like a quality label. It presents us as a reliable employer for the job seeker and in return assures that the employee is welcomed in a company with set family-friendly management methods. It is also a great way for the company to do a self-check and see if all the activities and measurements implemented so far have been done well enough,” explained Saealle.

For Meelis Jürgens, CEO of Estiko-Plastar, the Family-Friendly Employer’s gold level label also means great responsibility and continuous work to maintain the company culture created. “We are at the beginning of this path,” said Jürgens.

The Family-Friendly Employer programme has been established by the Ministry of Social Affairs in cooperation with Civitta Estonia AS to draw attention to the family-friendly culture in companies. Employers in both private and public sectors as well as civic associations can apply for the label.

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