December 19, 2022
Family-Friendly Employer

Estiko-Plastar Remains Gold Level Family-Friendly Employer

Estiko-Plastar remains Gold Level Family-Friendly Employer

On November 23, the Ministry of Social Affairs announced new family-friendly employer label receivers and recognised the companies that past the follow-up assessment process. For the second period running, Estiko-Plastar continues to be recognised as the Gold Level Family-Friendly Employer.

According to the Estonian Minister of Health and Labour Peep Peterson, intense competition in the labour market and a general change in attitudes towards supporting employees have made the topic of family-friendliness increasingly important for organisations. “In rapidly changing circumstances, working environments are also constantly changing. For companies, it is a challenge to keep up with these changes while supporting their team in the best possible way. Thus, receiving recognition for employee and family-friendliness does not mean that the work in this area ends. Instead, by participating in the programme, a lasting process begins which means adapting and continuous development,” said Peterson.

Estiko-Plastar achieved the gold level of Family-Friendly Employer for the first time in 2020. This year, a follow-up evaluation had to be completed to assess whether the company has been able to maintain the achieved level.

The level of company was evaluated by consulting company Civitta on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs. A survey among the employees was conducted and the materials provided by the company were analysed.

According to the jury, Estiko-Plastar continues to be a gold-level organisation where family- and employee-friendliness messages and accompanying measures have been well implemented. In addition to packaging production, family-friendly values have also been transferred to other companies of Estiko Group and all decisions are considered through the prism of family-friendliness. “As a manufacturing company, it is difficult at times to offer all employees, for example, the flexibility of working hours. However, we have been able to compensate this with a welcoming attitude and by testing different schedules,” said Ireen Saealle, HR Manager of Estiko-Plastar and Estiko Group. “Furthermore, we offer a very wide package of benefits, starting from various allowances and bonuses to additional health insurance, discounts, team building events and wellness support system. It is highly appreciated and has received a warm welcome by our employees,” added Saealle.

The Family-Friendly Employer programme has been established by the Ministry of Social Affairs in cooperation with Civitta Estonia AS to draw attention to the family-friendly culture in companies. Employers in both private and public sectors as well as civic associations can apply for the label. A follow-up assessment will take place in two years.

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