April 7, 2022

Estiko Contributes to Intelligent Packaging

Estiko Contributes to Intelligent Packaging

Digital technology continues to transform the world of retail. As focus is turned on enhancing customer experience by leveraging the latest developments, shopping has become faster, convenient, and more personalised than ever.

This is where packaging supplier Estiko comes in, leading the way with intelligent packaging with Digimarc® watermarking technology which integrates an imperceptible code within the design, providing improved sustainability and additional value at every stage of packaging journey.

Introducing Digimarc

Digimarc is a leader in digital transformation providing digital watermarks and other unique identifiers for brands to help their products stand out from competition and provide customers higher transparency, traceability, and customer experience across physical and digital supply chains.

With Digimarc watermark, a special code is inserted into the design of a printed product in a repetitious pattern, allowing an easy access to a wide range of attributes. While being unnoticeable to human eye, this technology offers unlimited possibilities. Today, the emphasis is turned on improving waste sorting and recycling. Compared to commonly used QR codes, this unique identifier provides far more versatile and updateable options for carrying data with better accuracy and reliability thanks to its repeated pattern and coverage. This makes the setup also resilient to damages and wrinkles on the packaging.

This is how Digimarc® watermark performs on flexible packaging

The watermark also proposes a solution for better waste management. This idea is being tested within the framework of cross-value chain initiative HolyGrail 2.0, a pilot project which aims to assess whether such digital technology can enable accurate sorting of different packaging types into individual recycling streams on a large scale. This goes hand in hand with European Union’s aim to eliminate single-use plastics by 2030 by making it reusable, easily recyclable, or compostable.

Implementing Digimarc Watermarks into Your Packaging

For implementing Digimarc watermarks into your packaging, we work closely with our enhancement partner who analyses the designs and generates the required codes by turning colours into code.

Provide file

Deliver press-ready file from printer or pre-media (adjusted for press curves)

Evaluate Design

Our enhancement partner will evaluate and analyse the design

Enhance Elements

Minor adjustments to colour and brightness of dots within design elements

Code Verification

Quality checks throughout pre-media and production workflow

Connected Package

Pack is printed normally with no specialty inks or substrates

Our team of experts will guide you to the whole process of implementing data throughout your packaging design. All required codes will be generated and inserted on site part of printing process, ensuring easy identification through scanners and other inspection systems. Digimarc watermarks can be implemented with all Estiko’s printing technologies and onto every material and packaging types which go through our printing processes.

To find out more about Estiko’s intelligent packaging solutions and integrating Digimarc watermarks to your products, please reach out your local Sales Manager or contact us via email

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