April 15, 2022
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Estiko Extends Portfolio with New Pouch Solutions

Estiko Extends Portfolio with New Pouch Solutions

Estiko, the packaging supplier and a reliable partner for food industries, announces its latest addition welcoming new convenient stand-up pouch solutions to its flexible packaging portfolio. With this new development, Estiko seeks to meet the market demand for a popular packaging option with several advantages.

“Our new pouch welding machine enables us to provide our clients with top-level stand-up pouches either with zip-lock or spouts with caps, creating a suitable packaging solution for many food sectors including beverages and baby foods,” said Tõnis Paara, R&D Specialist at Estiko. “Combined with convenience, strong visual impact and functionality with an easy opening and reclosable options, we can offer our customers efficient pouch solutions with extended product shelf life which help to stand out from competition.”

The new machine can weld pouches in different shapes and sizes, ranging up to 400 mm high and 350 mm wide. Several different formats of pouches can be made from two-side welded bags to bottom gusseted stand-up pouches made from three webs. Three-web option gives the liberty to use different material for the bottom part of the package as well as add different colour or material with print to the bottom side of the package. Thanks to being fully customisable, these new pouch solutions are perfect for eye-catching designs and all-around print.

Key benefits:

  • Strong visual impact
  • All-around print options
  • Significantly lower material consumption compared to rigid packaging
  • Convenient solution for consumers
  • Additional features to increase functionality: handles, easy open and reclose systems, spouts, euro holes
  • Increased product safety through high barriers and sealing layers
  • Lightweight and cost-effective solution
  • Perfect option for various applications such as confectionary & snacks, dried foods, spices, beverages and other
Estiko’s Brand-New Stand-Up Pouch Solution

The pouches can be further enhanced with spouts inserted either centred at the top of the package or on the corner for larger pouches. It is also possible to add zip-lock which offers a reliable packaging solution that can preserve its secure locking ability for a long time without any spillages or contamination. All pouches can also be laser-perforated for easier opening and euro-holes punched for hanging the bags in the store.

Estiko can supply bags and pouches made from a wide variety of materials starting from the traditional non-recyclable PET+PE or OPP+PE to recyclable mono-material pouches made solely with PE or PP-based structures. Versatile solutions for barriers are also available, including oxygen, water vapor, light barrier etc.

Find more about our sustainable packaging solutions or contact us to implement the new pouch solution to your products.

The project is financed in cooperation with Norway Grants “Green ICT” programme and Enterprise Estonia (EAS). The programme “Green ICT” objective is increased value creation and sustainable growth in Estonia’s private sector. Green ICT aims to stimulate and develop innovation-led long-term business cooperation between Estonia and Norway. For this bilateral cooperation projects are supported to enhance joint business ambitions and innovation. For more information about the project, please click here.

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