January 12, 2021
Estiko Group

Estiko Group Launches Year of Green Actions

Estiko Group Launches Year of Green Actions

Estiko Group has dedicated the year 2021 to green actions in order to work even more consciously towards reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining sustainable life conditions around us.

According to Kristo Seli, Estiko Group’s CEO, environmental issues are becoming more and more important all over the world and Estiko cannot be a bystander. “A few years ago when we installed solar panels on Estiko’s sites across Estonia, it was our conscious step towards a cleaner environment,” said Seli. 

For the last 10 years, Estiko’s focus has been on thinking big and acting green. For example, all Estiko’s hotels use economical LED lamps and the heating in rooms without guests is kept to a minimum. What is more – Estiko-Plastar is developing and offering more sustainable packaging solutions than ever.

“During the year of green actions, we think and act more consciously and also try to make a personal contribution for the sake of our environment and home planet. We will consume less, recycle more than ever and grow sustainable together,” said Seli.

The year also includes planting a forest, listening to educative and interesting environmental lectures, bringing beehives to live on the rooftop of Lydia hotel, getting rid of digital waste and bringing other green ideas to life.

During 2021, Estiko Group’s sustainability strategy will also be completed which will give the entire group a greener direction for the coming years. The Year of Green Actions is the first thematic year brought to life at Estiko Group. However, it is a tradition we will pursue in the upcoming years with varying themes.

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