September 2, 2021

Estiko Contributes to Sustainable Production

Estiko Contributes to Sustainable Production

As a responsible partner and supplier of packaging solutions for various food industries, we are continuously searching for ways to minimise our ecological footprint. On this journey, we have introduced a number of actions to gradually shift our operations and production with the aim of becoming more sustainable.

As of the beginning of 2021, all Estiko’s packaging solutions are produced with the help of renewable energy. What’s more – almost 10% of the green electricity comes from the solar park on the roof of our production buildings, which allows us to continuously generate more energy and direct it to consumption. The rest of the electricity, previously originated from fossil fuels, is covered by purchased renewable energy. Thanks to these selected alternatives, we save more than 4,000 tons of CO2 per year. This creates the basis for a more sustainable future and production for us and society as a whole.

According to Kristo Seli, CEO of Estiko Group, the installation of solar panels on Group’s different objects was a conscious step towards a cleaner environment. “Environmental issues are becoming more and more important all over the world, and Estiko cannot be a bystander,” said Seli. Today, Estiko Energia (Energy) has built more than 13 solar power plants across Estonia, which provide renewable energy to both the group’s own facilities and end-users.

In addition to the introduction of green energy, the application and reuse of smart technologies is also important in Estiko’s production. Among other innovations, the ventilation systems of the entire building are covered with heat exchangers; lighting is replaced with economical LED technology, and outdoor air temperature is used to cool technological water. To prolong life of different materials and contribute to circular economy, we divert more than 95% of all waste generated in production processes to sorting and recycling. What is more – we are continuously developing sustainable and thinner packaging solutions which would provide the necessary protection and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Together with the Estiko Group, we have declared year 2021 the Year of Green Actions which aims to pay even more attention to sustainable solutions and reducing our carbon footprint. During the year, the group’s sustainability strategy will be completed, which will give the entire group long-term green goals and a clear vision for the future.

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