June 26, 2024

Estiko joins RecyClass to promote sustainability

Estiko joins RecyClass to promote sustainability

The flexible packaging supplier Estiko Packaging Solutions has become a member of the cross-industry initiative RecyClass to further highlight its commitment to sustainability and responsible packaging practices.

RecyClass is a comprehensive initiative that promotes the transition towards a circular plastic future. RecyClass, which unites the stakeholders from diverse sectors and global players such as Nestle, P&G, and Unilever, intends to advance plastic packaging recyclability and to promote the traceability of plastic waste and recycled plastic content in Europe.

To achieve these goals, RecyClass not only offers certifications but works on developing scientific testing methods for innovative materials. The results are incorporated into the Design for Recycling Guidelines and the free RecyClass Online Tool, which help manufacturers and users of plastic packaging to assess their packaging’s recyclability as well as receive practical guidelines for improvement.

“Cooperation is essential to address the challenges posed by changing regulations and the demand for more environmentally friendly products,” emphasised Meelis Jürgens, CEO of Estiko Packaging Solutions. “By actively collaborating with forward-thinking communities like RecyClass, we can share valuable expertise and drive innovation in packaging. This knowledge enables us to further educate our customers and collectively work towards creating more circular solutions,” added Jürgens.

Estiko Packaging Solutions continues to provide flexible packaging solutions for food and other industries with sustainability in mind. Learn more about Estiko’s packaging options and our approach to achieve circularity.

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