May 28, 2024
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Premia switches to recycle-ready ice cream packaging with Estiko

Premia switches to recycle-ready ice cream packaging with Estiko

This spring, Estonian ice cream manufacturer Premia has launched a new product selection, featuring not only novel ice cream flavours but also more environmentally conscious packaging, being 100% recyclable.

Premia Tallinna Külmhoone, the leading Estonian ice cream manufacturer within the Food Union group, has been satisfying local ice cream enthusiasts for more than six decades. Their assortment includes a variety of ice cream flavours in stick, waffle cone, and cup formats. Every spring, the company launches new items to meet the preferences of different consumer groups.

“In addition to taste and quality, we are increasingly considering packaging to align with the preferences of today’s consumers,” explained Heli Sepp, Product Manager for ice cream at Premia. “For this reason, we actively sought materials that would allow us to package our new products in an entirely recyclable and eco-friendly manner,” added Sepp.

In collaboration with packaging supplier Estiko, a monomaterial PP-based packaging solution was introduced for the Väike Tom ice cream range, allowing for straightforward recycling of the packaging. This enhances convenience for consumers and simplifies packaging sorting.

Furthermore, Premia’s raspberry and mango-passion fruit ice creams with 40% less sugar are now crafted from 50% certified plant-based material*, minimising their negative impact on nature. These updates allow Premia to keep delighting ice cream lovers while promoting a more sustainable tomorrow.

Premia switches to recycle-ready ice cream packaging with Estiko
Premia’s new ice creams in sustainable packaging

„In today’s society, a noticeable trend is moving toward healthier food options. As Estonia’s oldest ice cream producer, we can lead by example in producing and packaging delicious ice creams sustainably while fostering collaboration with our local partners,” says Sepp.

Meelis Jürgens, CEO of Estiko Packaging Solutions, emphasized the shared vision between Premia and Estiko, focusing on sustainable preservation and the continuation of traditions. „With extensive experienve as partners in the food industry, we are well-versed in the requirements that contemporary food packaging must adhere to. Our seamless cooperation with Premia enabled us to create a specifically tailored ice cream packaging that aligns with both consumer expectations as well as upcoming packaging regulations,“ explained Jürgens.

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*based on mass balance principle

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