April 13, 2022

Estiko Reveals New Sustainability Logo for Reduced CO2 Footprint Products

Estiko Reveals New Sustainability Logo for Reduced CO2 Footprint Products

At times when having a sustainable packaging is becoming as crucial as product itself for conscious customers, food manufacturers have to adapt to changing times and new rules for packaging.

To help you on this journey and directly reflect your sustainability actions to your customers, we are proud to introduce the newest addition to our family of sustainability logos – a specially created label for reduced CO2 footprint products.

Products using the Reduced CO2 Footprint logo have been produced by using more eco-friendly raw materials and/or methods to reduce the ecological effect of packaging materials to our nature. The logo can be used with packages made either from bio-based raw materials, such as sugar cane or residual oils from forestry or recycled raw materials that are either post-industrial or post-consumer. Furthermore, green energy is used during some of our production processes. By using products with the brand-new Reduced CO2 Footprint logo, you can help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that the packaging industry creates and help your customers on their purchasing decision process to identify and opt for better packaging alternatives and showcase the impact of your activities.

Estiko’s new Reduced CO2 footprint logo

The new logo can be used in all Estiko’s packaging solutions that are made in-house. Moreover, it is possible to add your own company’s or brand’s name to the logo to enhance brand recognition and show your commitment to creating a truly circular economy in cooperation with Estiko.

For more information about implementing the newest Reduced CO2 Footprint logo to your products, please get in touch with our Sales Managers and see our other sustainability logos here to find the one for your products.

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