March 30, 2021

Estiko Presents New Logos for Sustainable Packages

Estiko Presents New Logos for Sustainable Packages

In today’s world, sustainability is the key. To highlight the effort what you as a producer are making to change your packages more sustainable, we are really delighted to present you our brand-new customisable sustainability logos.

With these logos, you can reflect your sustainable material choices to your end consumers while making no compromises on the design of the packaging. The following logos can be customised according to your needs, allowing to add your company’s or brand’s name and use them on packaging made from our materials.

Fully Recycable logo - Estiko-Plastar
PCR logo - Estiko-Plastar
PIR logo - Estiko-Plastar
Renewable Content logo - Estiko-Plastar

The products marked with Fully Recyclable logo are produced by using one type of material. The logo can be applied both to mono and single material laminated films, additionally with a special glue. Thanks to these changes, these products can be 100% recycled in their respective recycling stream. The sorting and consumption of the material made from this package depends on the country-specific regulations and the policy of the recycling company.

Products marked with PCR logo contain post-consumer recyclate (PCR). This means that in these packages, we are using material made from the plastic waste of end consumer (e.g. households). Plastic waste is then turned back into usable plastic material by pyrolysis. By using PCR, you can reduce the use of virgin plastics, fossil fuels and help to create a circular economy. You can also use the logo with ISCC certified PCR materials.

Products marked with PIR logo contain post-industrial recyclate (PIR). This means that the industrial material waste is turned back into usable plastic material by packaging producer. By using PIR, you can reduce the need for fossil-based materials and provide more sustainable solutions while making no compromises on product quality.

Renewable Content logo presents products containing materials derived from renewable raw materials, such as sugarcane or waste oils from the wood industry (tall oil). By using renewably sourced packages, you can claim on your packages how much CO2 emissions are reduced compared to fossil-based materials. You can also use the logo together with ISCC certified renewable materials or I’m Green materials.

All these sustainability logos can be customised according to your needs. For more information about implementing these logos to Your products, please get in touch with us.

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