January 3, 2023
Estiko Group

Estiko Group Welcomes Year of Wisdom

Estiko Group Welcomes Year of Wisdom

In Estiko Group, the tradition of theme years continues to draw more attention to a specific area and develop both as individuals and as a company. The year 2023 marks the beginning of the Year of Wisdom in the Estiko Group.

During the Year of Wisdom, the group’s activities are divided into three subtopics. In the first third of the year, the focus is on financial wisdom. From May to August, the group will launch activities related to wisdom of life and skills needed to take care of oneself. The year ends with the topics of digital intelligence which are crucial to succeed and stay safe in today’s world driven by technology.

The tradition of Estiko Group’s theme years began in 2021 with the launch of the Year of Green Actions. “Since the beginning of our first theme year, we have always tried to draw attention to areas that are important to all of us in order to make more value-based and conscious choices both as individuals and as a company,” said Kristo Seli, CEO of Estiko Group. “With the theme year, we focus on one certain topic, scrutinise it deeply and take all skills and knowledge learned with us. This means that the Year of Green Actions and the Year of Health are still carried forward in our minds, and our decisions must be in line with them,” added Seli.

As part of the Year of Wisdom, several different joint events, lectures and trainings will be arranged to the whole Estiko Group. Among others, joint survival courses in the forest are planned in cooperation with the Estonian Defence League. “I strongly believe that all our joint ventures will become valuable investments in ourselves,” commented Seli.

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